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Providers offer initial evaluations, daily visits, ergonomic assessments, manual therapy visits, trigger point dry needling, teletherapy, and kinesiotaping.  Treatments are always one on one with the therapist to truly customize care and speed recovery.

Online Meeting

Initial Evaluations

Initial Evaluations begin with a thorough medical history.  Visits include education, physical examination, and treatment.  Physical therapy treatments range from manual therapy to therapeutic exercise to dry needling.  Each patient receives customized care according to their pathology.  Most patients receive a home exercise program to be performed between visits.  Concierge Orthopedics enables all patients to take control of their pain and gives them tools for pain management techniques. Prepare for up to one hour for your first visit.  

Tidy Desk

Ergonomic Assessments

Working from home is the new norm.  Concierge Orthopedics provides virtual assessment of your work stations to reduce overuse injuries, improve posture, and in turn, increase productivity.


Manual Therapy Visits

Manual therapy includes the use of multiple hands on techniques to achieve various goals.  Goals can include pain reduction, improved joint mobility or reduced soft tissue stiffness.  Therapists have unlimited time to focus on these skills without the confines of an outpatient facility.


Trigger Point Dry Needling

Dry Needling is the use of mono filament needles to reduce muscle pain or improve contraction of the muscle.  Electrical stimulation is often coupled with this treatment.

Video Call


Teletherapy includes a thorough patient history, patient education and a customized exercise program.  Physical Therapists observe patients perform their exercises to ensure correct form and compliance.  Teletherapy visits range from 30 minutes to one hour.



Kinesiotaping has a wide range of use. Taping techniques reduce pain, provide joint support, and even improve muscle recruitment.

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